Smite 2 Founder’s Edition is Live for Purchase

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SMITE 2 Founder’s Edition is live now. Smite 2 from Hi-Rez Studios is not just a replica; it is an evolution and this founder’s edition provides numerous features over a normal version.

In this article, we will provide full info regarding these new Founder’s edition collections for Smite and Smite 2.

Features of Smite 2 Founder's Edition:

Smite 2 Founder’s edition, along with its Deluxe and Ultimate Founder’s edition is now live to purchase. If you purchase these founders’ eddition you can unlock unique in-game bonuses for both Smite and Smite 2.

This founders edition will provide players access to the Smite two alpha weekend events that will begin this May. Players will get Cocdemon Ymir skin in Smite 2 if the game is bought during the Alpha Weekend events.  The Skin will be available for purchase separately in SMITE 2 in the future.

 The in-game bonuses for SMITE will be available immediately after the purchase. 

Smite 2 Founder’s Edition is Live for Purchase
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Remember, you can still participate in the Alpha weekend as Smite will give keys for closed alpha game access from time to time via a giveaway on social media as well as to selected players that have signed up for Alpha via the Smite website.

Xbox players will need to have an active Xbox Gold/Game Pass core subscription if they want to participate in closed Alpha weekend tests even if they have access by any means including giveaway or Founder’s Edition.

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What Ascension Passes?

Ascension Passes is a new Mastery system in SMITE 2 that will be launching this summer. To make mastering a god more rewarding, so they’re adding more free rewards to every level and there will be new rewards that you get when you buy the Ascension Pass. You’ll still master gods as normal if you don’t own an Ascension Pass, but you get a lot more rewards for it if you do.


1. How does the Founder’s Edition differ from the original SMITE game?

The Founder’s Edition introduces a brand-new game client separate from the original SMITE. It’s a standalone experience that builds on the foundation of the first game, offering numerous enhancements to gameplay, graphics, and progression systems.

2. Can I transfer my progress from the original SMITE to the new game?

At this time, there is no direct progression transfer from the original SMITE to the Founder’s Edition. This is because SMITE 2 represents a significant overhaul to many core game systems, meant to be a fresh start for new and existing players alike.

3. Will SMITE 2 be free-to-play like its predecessor?

Yes, SMITE 2 will be free-to-play. The Founder’s Edition serves as an early access version for players who want to experience the game before its wider launch, as well as offering exclusive content for those who support the game at this stage.

4. What kind of support and updates can players expect post-launch?

Hi-Rez Studios has a strong reputation for supporting its games with regular updates and new content. This includes new gods, balance changes, events, and additional content to keep players engaged and excited about the SMITE 2 experience.

5. When can we expect the full launch of SMITE 2?

While an official release date hasn’t been announced, the development team is aiming for a full launch in the near future. Until then, players can get a head start by participating in the Founder’s Edition and providing valuable feedback to help shape the game.

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