Lady Death Demonicron Official Teaser Released

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Image by Lady Death Game

Art of Play created Lady Death: Demonicron, a 2D canonical beat-em-up game set in the Lady Death comic universe. Players will navigate hand-drawn worlds, using the heroine’s killer sword skills, destructive spells, and sharp wits. Upgrade your equipment as you progress through the game’s 15 beat-em-up levels, gaining new swords and uncovering deadly finishers. Lady Death: Demonicron will be released on both platforms and PC.

About Lady Death Demonicron

Image by Lady Death Game

This is a 2D game in which a mythical Character Lady Death explores worlds while demolishing Demons using her Sword and destructive spells.


  • What is Lady Death: Demonicron?

Lady Death: Demonicron is an upcoming video game featuring the iconic character Lady Death in an action-packed adventure set in a dark and immersive world.

  • When was the Official Teaser Trailer Released?

The Official Teaser Trailer for Lady Death: Demonicron was released on 2 May 2024, giving fans a glimpse of the game’s stunning visuals and intense gameplay.

  • What Can We Expect from the Teaser Trailer?

The Teaser Trailer offers a tantalizing preview of the game’s storyline, characters, and atmosphere, teasing players with glimpses of the challenges and dangers that await them.

  • Is Lady Death: Demonicron Coming to Consoles or PC?

Lady Death: Demonicron is set to release on multiple platforms, including consoles and PC, allowing players to experience the game’s immersive world and thrilling gameplay on their preferred platform.

  • Where Can I Watch the Official Teaser Trailer?

The Official Teaser Trailer for Lady Death: Demonicron is available for viewing on YouTube.


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