How to defeat Annihilation in Remnant 2? Awesome tricks

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Annihilation might easily be described as the most difficult boss fight in Remnant 2. After completing all of the previous regions in the game, you will be able to face this boss. Annihilation is found once you enter Root Earth; it is the source of the Root’s Corruption, which should inform you how difficult it will be to defeat this enemy.

To play the new Remnant 2 The Forgotten Kingdom DLC, which is intended to be end-game content, you must first overcome Annihilation. But don’t worry, because we have you covered. This post will show you how to quickly overcome Annihilation in Remnant II.

How to defeat Annihilation in Remnant 2

How to defeat Annihilation in Remnant 2
Image by Gunfire Games

Annihilation is a tough opponent to face, the fight against Annihilation is a three-phase boss encounter, and the difficulty increase from Phase One to Phase Two might be significant for some players. So, conserve your Relics and heal for this boss’s second phase. Annihilation will use the following moves during the initial phase of his fight in Remnant 2:

  • Annihilation’s opening assault is usually an overhead sword slash. This attack is fairly easy to dodge, so make sure you don’t lose any health.
  • During the initial phase, Annihilation will perform a shockwave attack, which you can see coming because it pulls its sword forward on the ground to release the shockwave. However, if Annihilation drags the blade backward, it will eject explosive balls. The Enigma pistol may be easily used to cope with explosive balls.
  • Annihilation will periodically bury its blade into the earth, spawning roots that will trap the player. Avoid it, as the roots will make you vulnerable.
  • The final strike you will witness in Phase One is Annihilation flying into the air and slamming his sword into the ground; this is simple to avoid because the auditory cue for this attack is easy to detect.

All you have to do now is avoid these strikes and capitalize on his downtime. Aim at Annihilation’s weak point with any weapon capable of dealing high damage until you have removed the boss’s first health bar.

Phase 2 Attacks

  • The most common strike used by Annihilation during the second phase is a sideways sword sweep. This is simple to avoid due of its aural cue, which is exceedingly difficult to miss.
  • During the second phase, Annihilation will spawn red grids into the arena, which can be avoided by moving into the vacant spaces between them. Make careful you avoid the red portions, as they can deplete your health.
  • The arena for the second phase is likewise different, and you must keep an eye out for the root tendrils that are strategically positioned around the room.

During the first phase of your encounter with Annihilation, your primary goal will be to deal as much damage as possible. You’ll dodge, attack, and dodge until the last boss of Remnant 2 appears at your feet. However, the technique for phase two is quite different. Now you should concentrate more on defense.

The second phase is rapid, and virtually everything around you can kill you. So, focus on avoiding Annihilation’s strikes and choosing your times to deliver damage. Be patient, keep avoiding, and only attack when you’re confident you can get a shot off while still having time to avoid Annihilation’s incoming onslaught.

Following that, the third phase of the struggle will commence. During this phase, Annihilation only spawns minions who will attempt to eliminate you. Instead of battling, focus on escaping its minions, and the combat will terminate on its own after a few seconds.


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