How to Defeat Leviathan the Lost in Final Fantasy XVI?

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Many Final Fantasy 16 players were complaining about the late DLC and not-so-intense fight, But now Square Enix listened to them and added Leviathan the lost in the Rising Tide DLC as the end battle.

In this article, we will cover how to defeat Leviathan in the fight and provide tips to help you out in this intense battle.

How to Defeat Leviathan the Lost?

This is a 4 phase intense battle between you and Leviathan, Your goal is simple Dodge the incoming attacks and wait for a fright chance to land your impactful attack in order to maintain composure and offense at a time.

The fight is divided into four phases we will explain what to do in these phases and how to defeat Leviathan without any extra hustle.

FF16 Leviathian Fight
Image by Square Enix

Phase 1

This phase is primarily about defense, as you’re aiming to reduce the Leviathan’s stamina rather than its health. When you’ve reduced the stamina bar sufficiently, it will become staggered and a cinematic will appear. During this fight, try to avoid as many Leviathan attacks as possible. Keep in mind that the combat will take place underwater, so your mobility will be limited, but you can still dodge by pressing RI.

Phase 2

This phase allows for more movement than the first, and you will eventually be able to stand on firm ground. However, Leviathan’s strikes will grow much more powerful, and if you’re not careful, you’ll be killed in a single move. Try to punish each opening as severely as possible.

Phase 3

Depending on your DPS, this can be either the easiest or most difficult phase of the boss fight. Leviathan will coil into a water shield and launch projectiles at you. Hurry in and punish as severely as possible.


  • Spam as many Brimstone and Splitfire attacks as possible.
  • Use Wildfire for close combat.
  • Use your Ifrit Combos when other attacks are on cooldown.

Phase 4

The phase will begin with a vast opening where the Leviathan will be staggered. This is your opportunity to give up everything you have. Attack with everything you’ve got and deal as much damage as possible to the Eikon. When it wakes up again, it will throw everything it has and begin its most aggressive phase.

You Can Watch the Video embedded below for reference.

Deadly Attacks of Leviathan

Maelstrom: Leviathan will generate a massive vortex with a bright orb in the center; do whatever it takes to avoid being drawn into it. Use wildfire or dodge to escape out of its reach as soon as possible.

Waterspout: The Eikon will begin to demonstrate its desperation and reveal its full might. It will summon a gigantic Cyclone in the center of the stage. Use wildfire or dodges to escape out of its range, otherwise, you’re done.

Angry Seas. This is not a single attack, but a collection of its most effective ones. Leviathan will unleash all of its remaining resources against you. Dodge, counter and apply what you’ve learned thus far to stay alive.

Breach: Leviathan will plunge into the water, emerging with a massive AOE water ring. Use Wildfire to dodge out.

Riptide: Similar to phase 1, except this time hold R2 + Square to absorb the attack with Brimstone.

Waterjet: Another beam-type assault; your best defense is to sidestep and avoid getting in its way.

Salt Spray: The Eikon will launch water missiles at you and then breach. This onslaught is terrible. Use Wildfire and dodges to sprint to the right side of the arena and evade the attack as quickly as possible.

Riptide: assaults with ring-shaped AOE; press R1 to rush out.

Spinning Dive: The Leviathan will lurk in the water and attack the player unexpectedly. To force it out of hiding, pinpoint its location and blast it with fireballs.

Grand fall: Leviathan will launch water projectiles before slamming into you. Dodge as many projectiles as you can and prepare for the major strike.

Tidal Roar: A Godzilla-like beam; stay on the sidelines to avoid it.


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