How to go to the Poisonous Potato dimension in Minecraft? Tips

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The publisher of Minecraft again surprised the players with the release of “Potato” Snapshot, Which adds a host of new features and items to the game.

Mojang Studios is known for adding something new and unique to the game on April Fool’s Day but this time nobody was expecting to get a whole new dimension with five different biomes and even a boss mob.

How to go to the Poisonous Potato dimension in Minecraft ?

How to go to the Poisonous Potato dimension in Minecraft
Pedestal Image by Mojang Studios

Follow the steps below to travel to the poisonous Potato dimension.

  • First, you need to create a portal just like you need a nether portal for the nether and an end portal for the end city.
  • The player needs to start the game with a bonus chest that contains poisonous potato.
  • Then you need to find a pedestal in one of the natural spawning villages.
  • Once you find the pedestal the Poisonous potato dimension is just a one click away from you.
  • Reach the pedestal and right-click on it while holding a poisonous potato.
  • By doing this a portal will be generated walk inside and explore the poisonous potato world.

Poisonous Potato Boss Mob

How to go to the Poisonous Potato dimension in Minecraft
"Mega Spud" Image by Mojang Studios

Inside the poisonous potato dimension, is a colosseum you will find the boss mob of this dimension whose name is “Mega Spud” which is kinda of a funny name. Fight the boss and defeat to establish your dominance in the potato dimension.

After The defeat of the boss now you can make potato fries using potatoes. That has been a demanded feature by players for several years.


  1. How do I access the Poisonous Potato dimension in Minecraft?

    • The Poisonous Potato dimension can be accessed by making a portal, starting the game with a bonus chest containing poisonous potatoes, then going to the pedestal and just right-click.
  2. Are there any mods or add-ons that introduce the Poisonous Potato dimension?

    • Yes, some mods or custom map creators may include dimensions themed around unique items like poisonous potatoes. However, these dimensions are not part of the vanilla Minecraft experience and require additional installation or setup.
  3. Can I find Poisonous Potato dimensions in Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock Edition?

    • While Minecraft’s Java Edition and Bedrock Edition support mods and custom content, including dimensions, the Poisonous Potato dimension itself is now a standard feature in the edition. Players now can access such content.
  4. What are some alternative ways to explore unique dimensions in Minecraft?

    • Players interested in exploring different dimensions in Minecraft can try installing popular mods like the Aether or the Twilight Forest, which introduce entirely new worlds with their own biomes, mobs, and challenges.
  5. Is it possible to create my own custom dimensions, including a Poisonous Potato dimension?

    • With the use of mods, plugins, or custom map-making tools, experienced players can create their own custom dimensions in Minecraft. This process typically involves coding or map design skills and may require some technical knowledge of Minecraft’s mechanics.

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