Nintendo Indie World Showcase April 2024: All Details

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In their latest X post, Nintendo announced a new showcase which is Nintendo Indie World April 2024. The live stream will be aired on April 17th at 7 am PT/ 10 am ET on their official  YouTube Channel.

The live stream will feature the latest and unannounced Indie titles that will be added to the Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

All Details about Nintendo Indie World Showcase April 2024

Like the previous ones, the Nintendo Indie April 2024 will be live-streamed on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel which you can watch on their channel or by the embedded video in this article.

The stream will start at 7:00 am PT/ 10 am ET on 17 April.

Most Anticipated games to showcase at Nintendo Indie World April 2024.

As per the official description, Numerous announcements and updates can be expected about both already announced indie games as well as those finally debuting on Switch.

1. Little Kitty, Big City

“Little Kitty Big City” is a charming adventure game where players explore city streets as a curious kitten made under the banner of Double Dagger Studios. Explore colorful neighborhoods, meet new characters, and complete missions while finding a way back home. Customize your kitty and enjoy mini-games along the way.

2. Hollow Knight Silksong

“Hollow Knight: Silksong” is an eagerly awaited sequel for 2017 Metrodvania where players begin a journey as Hornet, exploring a vast, hand-crafted world. Encounter challenging rivals, master new skills, and uncover mysteries. With stunning visuals and deep gameplay, it promises a thrilling adventure in the haunting universe of Hollow Knight.


  • What is Nintendo Indie World?

It’s a showcase of indie games coming to Nintendo platforms.

  • When is the April 2024 event?

It’s usually in mid-April; this time it will be happening on 17 April 2024.

  • How can I watch Nintendo Indie World?

You can watch it on Nintendo’s website or YouTube channel.

  • Can we expect new game announcements?

Yes, it often features new indie game reveals.

  • Will there be game demos or releases?

Some showcased games may have demos or release dates announced.

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