New Clash Of Clans Update April Month: New Pet and new troops level

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Hello clashes the supercell decided to release a new update this month, New levels of troops, buildings, defenses, and Pet house will be released in the new update. In this article, we will provide you with all the information regarding this new update the best useful case scenarios, and the best army compositions.

Key Features of this New Clash of Clans Update:

Generally, Supercell starts releasing promotional videos on their YouTube channel about new upcoming events and updates in the game.

Along with that, they allow creators to tease upcoming items in the game and provide them with a beta-testing version of the game so they can make content for the audience.

Supercell generally releases updates in just a few days after releasing update videos so it is important to get knowledge about upcoming changes that can affect the gameplay style.

New Pet and Pet House Level

Best Strategies and Uses for Angry Jelly Clash Of Clans

With this new update, there will be a new pet introduced in the pet house. Now you can upgrade the pet house to level 10 to unlock this new pet for heroes.

Angry Jelly is the new pet for heroes which has a unique ability “Brainwash”, If you use angry jelly on your heroes your heroes will tend to attack the defences first instead of targeting random buildings on the field. 

The main point about this new cut is its ability duration which is 25 seconds at level one and a maximum of 35 seconds at level 10. During this duration your heroes will only target defenses after this duration angry jelly will detach from your hero, Hence your hero will be targeting random buildings along with angry jelly.

During this duration, angry Jelly will be invincible to any damage and won’t trigger any traps once this duration is over it can trigger traps and target random buildings on the field.

NEW Defences Levels

With the new update now you can upgrade the Eagle artillery, monolith, and Builder hut to a new level. The upgrade information is as follows below:

With these defence upgrades getting three stars on town hall sixteen bases will be tougher. Nowadays everyone is using route riders and getting easy triples onto the anime basis so this is a good update to balance in-game content.

New Troops and Siege Machine Levels

In this update, Yeti, Electro Titan, Ice Golem, and Flame Flinger will receive an additional level upgrade which increases their stats significantly as shown in the above infographics.

With these new updates in the game and new levels of the troops, the game style of players will be impacted quite a bit, For example with the increased level of Yeti the traditional Yeti bomb will be more effective.

Similar to the other troop upgrades such as Electr Titan which is now stronger for smash attacks,

Flame Flinger is the only siege machine getting an upgrade, at its current level it is a lethal and most used siege machine in the game with an increased level it will be more devastating for enemy bases.

New Building Levels

New Clash Of Clans Update April Month: New Pet and new troops level

After a long, time Clan Castle will get its new level, Did this new level upgrade now you can get an extra siege machine in your clan castle. But only one can be used at an attack Which is a storing type upgrade only as you can’t use another in the same attack.

Along with Clan Castle Path House and Laboratory will get an additional level too.

Stay tuned as in the new article we will share some strategies and tips to use the new hero pet Angry Jelly in Clash of Clans.

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