Minecraft 15th Anniversary Rewards Leaked?

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Minecraft’s 15th anniversary is coming closer and the hype of the 15th-anniversary update is rising like a falcon, the hype is growing stronger as Minecraft leakers reveal 15th-anniversary rewards across social media platforms.

Minecraft 15th Anniversary

In honor of Minecraft’s 15th birthday, Mojang Studios is going to reveal the exclusive rewards players can receive for the game’s 15th anniversary. While the game’s 1.21 update is a gift in and of itself, featuring several new features, Mojang Studios has something special in store for players this time all over. 

Here is everything we currently know about the leaked rewards for the game’s 15th anniversary. Since its launch in 2009, Minecraft has not only been relevant but also extremely popular. In its 15 years of existence, it has broken numerous records and even turned into the world’s most-selling videogame, with over 300 million copies sold.

Possible Minecraft 15th Anniversary Rewards

A number of leaks have begun to surface on social media, especially on X, as the anniversary draws near. The most well-known (and likely) leak came from X user @ItsMwanOffi. The user uploaded a picture of a creeper’s face and a cape with its texture.

One of the most popular products Mojang Studios gives players during special events is a Minecraft cape. These objects are unique and the ideal memento of a particular occasion because they cannot be made or obtained from outside sources like player skins.

Minecraft 15th Anniversary Rewards Leaked
Image by Mojang Studios

Since the cape is the most believable leak of all, it’s worth noting that the account that leaked the information also stated that the cape would be available for both Java and Bedrock editions, so players do not have to worry about getting the cape because the two editions of the game come bundled together.

Among the many fascinating ideas, one that jumps out is the possibility that Mojang may reveal the 1.21 update’s official name.

Acubura_Gamer, an X user, mentions a number of potential things that players may anticipate from this event in another tweet. We may anticipate further information regarding the coming film and an unexpected Minecraft Legends update, in addition to the update’s official name, release window, and cape!


  • Are Minecraft 15th Anniversary rewards leaked?

No official leaks; it’s speculation.

  • What rewards might be expected?

Possible skins, items, or in-game bonuses.

  • When is the 15th Anniversary?

Minecraft’s anniversary is May 17th.

  • Where did the leak originate?

Speculation arose from community discussions.

  • Is the leak credible?

Until confirmed by Mojang, it remains unverified.

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