How To Get Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Go?

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The exclusive shiny Snorlax is a rare Pokemon that everyone wants to catch and keep. If you’ve been looking for tips on how to get a shiny Snorlax then you are at the right place. Whether a seasoned Pokémon Go player or just a beginner, this comprehensive guide will help you make Shiny Snorlax yours.

How To Get Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Go?

Snorlax is a Normal-type Pokémon with a Max CP of 3647 in Pokémon GO. Snorlax’s best moveset is Lick and Hyper Beam. It is weather boosted by Partly Cloudy weather, and it was originally found in the Kanto region. Shiny Snorlax is available in Pokémon GO.

Snorlax is weak to Fighting-type moves. It takes reduced damage from Ghost-type moves.

How To Get Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Go

Snorlax is a normal type Pokemon and appears regularly in events and mainly comes as a wild spawn in 3-star raid boss.

There are multiple ways provided by developers to get a shiny Snorlax. Shiny Snorlax can also be obtained by completing research tasks or collection challenges, But players prefer to get it from wild spawn as it utilizes different items and resources and lets players strategize and have more fun on the shiny hunt.

This comprehensive guide will be sufficient enough to get a shiny Snorlax as we share the best ways to get one.

Wild Spawn Catch

Players can take advantage of featured events that increase Snorlax’s wild spawn rate. Trainers can use lure modules, Incense, and weather boost effects for a high spawn rate around a particular area on the map.

Additionally, partly cloud weather triggers the weather boost for Snorlax eventually increasing spawns around the area with such weather. Walk around that spot attach the lure module and activate Pokemon Go Incense can stack their effects and increase Snorlax’s wild spawns during the event.

Utilizing In-Game Features for Shiny Snorlax Hunting

Features such as Lures, Incense, and having a Pokémon Go Plus can increase the number of Pokémon encounters you have, ultimately improving your shinies-per-hour rate. Special Lures, like the Glacial Lure, can also draw out specific Pokémon, including Snorlax.

Snorlax Raids

How To Get Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Go
Image by Niantic

You can battle Snorlax as a 3-star raid boss, If you’re lucky enough it may reward a Shiny Snorlax encounter.

To increase shiny odds players must defeat numerous Snorlax raids and encounter some standard variants to increase the odds.

Hatching and Snorlax-Specific Events

Hatching eggs can yield Snorlax, and during certain events, these activities will have an increased chance of resulting in getting a shiny. Utilize these times wisely and maximize your hatching potential.


The shiny Snorlax is a reward that requires both luck and persistence. Stay updated, gain knowledge, stay informed, and use in-game tools wisely, by following these methods maybe you’ll be the next trainer with a shiny Snorlax story to share. 


1. What Are My Chances of Finding a Shiny Snorlax in the Wild?

The base odds of encountering a shiny in the wild are 1 in 450. However, these odds can be influenced by various factors such as special events, Field Research tasks, and in-game events like Community Days.

2. Can I Hatch a Shiny Snorlax from an Egg?

Yes, Snorlax is available to hatch from 7km eggs during specific events. The same shiny odds apply, so make sure to prioritize hatching eggs to potentially add a shiny Snorlax to your team!

3. How Have in-game Events Helped Players Catch Shiny Snorlax?

Events often boost the spawn rates of certain Pokémon and increase the chance of encountering a shiny. Keep an eye out for events that feature Snorlax, as they’re your best bet to catch a shiny one.

4. Are Snorlax Raids a Good Way to Find a Shiny Snorlax?

Yes, Raids are great for encountering rarer Pokémon. During special Raid events, the chances of finding a shiny are boosted. Remember to use a Raid Pass only when sure that Snorlax is featured and you’re ready to battle for a chance at a shiny.

5. How Can I Know If a Snorlax Is Shiny Before I Catch It?

A shiny Snorlax will appear with a different color palette when it appears on the map. They also have a sparkle animation around them to indicate their shiny status. Keep an eye out for these visual cues and the characteristic greenish hue that signifies a Snorlax is shiny.

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