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As you know, we have already entered a new season in Pokemon Go named World of Wonders. Which will last from the 1st of March to the 1st of June 2024.

As this season proceeds we are seeing new debuts of shiny ultra beasts, new mega evolution, and new shadow Entei in Shadow Raids during this weekend.

In this article, we will share some tips on how to defeat Mega Charizard X who will appear as the Raid boss for a short stint in Mega Raids.

How to Defeat Mega Charizard X in Raids Pokemon Go?

Mega X Charizard is a Fire and Dragon-type Pokémon with a Max CP of 4353 in Pokémon GO. Mega X Charizard’s best moveset is Fire Spin and Blast Burn. It is weather boosted by Sunny and Windy weather, and it was originally found in the Kanto region. Shiny Mega X Charizard is available in Pokémon GO.

Mega X Charizard is weak to Dragon, Ground, and Rock-type moves. It takes reduced damage from Bug, Electric, Steel, Fire, and Grass-type moves.

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What are the best Counter Moves against Mega Charizard X?

These are some best counter moves against Mega Charizard X.

  1. Mega Rayquaza: Dragon Tail, Outrage
  2. Primal Groudon: Dragon Tail, Precipice Blades
  3. Mega Garchomp: Dragon Tail, Outrage
  4. Mega Diancie: Rock Throw, Rock Slide
  5. Origin Forme Palkia: Dragon Tail, Spacial Rend
  6. Shadow Rayquaza: Dragon Tail, Outrage
  7. Mega Salamence: Dragon Tail, Outrage
  8. Shadow Salamence: Dragon Tail, Outrage
  9. Shadow Rhyperior: Mud-Slap, Rock Wrecker
  10. Shadow Garchomp: Dragon Tail, Outrage
how to defeat mega charizard x in pokemon go
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Remember, try to power up your countermoves as much as possible for better impact. Here are some other non-Shadow as well as n0n-Mega counterattacks suited against Mega Charizard X.


  1. Origin Forme Dialga: Dragon Breath, Roar of Time
  2. Shadow Rayquaza: Dragon Tail, Breaking Swipe
  3. Origin Forme Palkia: Dragon Tail, Draco Meteor
  4. Salamence: Dragon Tail, Outrage
  5. Groudon: Dragon Tail, Precipice Blades
  6. Zekrom: Dragon Breath, Outrage
  7. Rampardos: Smack Down, Rock Slide
  8. Haxorus: Dragon Tail, Breaking Swipe
  9. Garchomp: Dragon Tail, Outrage
  10. Reshiram: Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor

Can I defeat Mega Charizard X alone?

No, Mega Charizard X can be defeated with two trainers, In case you are not sure that you can land the best counters with maxed-out CP then your only hope is to get with 3 or more trainers.

Using the Circle Lock Technique to guarantee Great or Excellent throws, along with Golden Razz Berries, is the best way to catch Pokémon. If you get a Shiny, though, it is a guaranteed catch so be sure to use a Pinap Berry.


  1. What is Mega Charizard X in Pokémon GO?

    • Mega Charizard X is a powerful Mega Evolution form of Charizard, available in Pokémon GO through Mega Raids. It boasts increased stats and different typing, making it a formidable opponent in raids.
  2. What Pokémon types are effective against Mega Charizard X?

    • Mega Charizard X is a Fire/Dragon-type Pokémon, which makes it weak to Rock, Ground, and Dragon-type moves. Pokémon with these types of attacks will deal increased damage against Mega Charizard X in raids.
  3. What are some recommended Pokémon to use against Mega Charizard X in raids?

    • Pokémon such as Rhyperior, Garchomp, Tyranitar, and Dragonite are excellent choices for battling Mega Charizard X. These Pokémon have access to powerful Rock, Ground, or Dragon-type moves that exploit its weaknesses.
  4. How many players are typically needed to defeat Mega Charizard X in raids?

    • Mega Charizard X is a tough opponent, so it’s recommended to have a raid party of at least 4-5 high-level trainers with strong counters. However, the number of players needed may vary depending on the strength of their Pokémon and the movesets they possess.
  5. What strategies can I use to maximize my chances of defeating Mega Charizard X in raids?

    • Coordinate with other trainers to ensure a full raid party with diverse Pokémon types. Focus on using Pokémon with high DPS (damage per second) movesets, dodge its charged attacks when possible, and use Mega-Evolved Pokémon or raid boosts to increase your team’s effectiveness.

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