5 Proven Methods to Improve Your Reaction Time in Clash Royale

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For those looking to sharpen their edge and trying to make their name in Competitive, lightning-fast reactions can be the difference between a win or loss. When you play at Tier 1 Competitive matches the stakes become so high and the pressure immense so, improving your reaction time becomes a necessity for any serious player who has the hunger to win. 

Our motive in this guide is to help you out with these practical strategies to hack your brain’s processing speed and outperform your opponents. Whether you’re an experienced player seeking an extra edge or a new player who to learn the game, these five tips will help you up your Clash Royale game.

Tips to Improve your reaction time in Clash Royale:

1. Train Your Reflexes with Regular Practice

Gamers can train their reflexes through repeated drills and practice. To start, focus on a few cards or combos that are used the most. Play friendly battles with your friends or clanmates. Your goal should be to react to their plays as quickly and accurately as possible, by doing this multiple times you will notice a slight improvement in your reaction speed and thinking counters.

You can also use reaction training apps that can be used to test and improve your reaction speed. These apps generally have drills to perform, ranging from simple reaction games to more complex simulations making it more difficult to react. Be consistent with your training, and dedicate a portion of your gaming session to these exercises.

5 Proven Methods to Improve Your Reaction Time in Clash Royale
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2. Properly Manage Your In-Game Resources

Managing resources in Clash Royal is significant as much as reaction time. Manage them and us them wisely. Elixir, your primary in-game resource, fuels your unit deployment and spells. With Proper managing your elixir to have the right amount available at all times is crucial for reacting to your opponent’s actions.

Avoid overcommitting to pushes that leave you vulnerable to a quick counter, as this can deplete your elixir and slow down your response time. Instead, strive for a balanced approach that allows for flexible and rapid decision-making throughout the match.

3. Analyze and Learn from Your Gameplay

The post-match analysis is an incredible way to improve your reaction time. Save replays of your battles, especially the ones you lost, and watch them back for at least 30 mins, analyze your mistakes, and prepare a game plan for future battles, Revaluate the moments where quicker reactions could have changed the outcome. Be responsible for your performance look for patterns in your gameplay that may be slowing you down and start working on them.

5 Proven Methods to Improve Your Reaction Time in Clash Royale
Image by Supercell

4. Anticipate Moves and Pre-plan Your Counters

Anticipating your opponent’s moves can be a way to improve your reaction time. Learn to ‘read’ your opponent’s strategy– whether it’s the pacing of their card deployment or the composition of their deck. The more you can predict what’s opponent is gonna do, the less time you’ll need to respond.

Pre-planning your counters for common moves also sharpens precious moments of your response time. Make your counters ready in your mind, and use them when the time comes, it’s all just a matter of execution. This not only speeds up your gameplay but also reduces the load from shoulders during high-stakes moments.

5. Maintain a Comfortable Setup for Optimal Performance

Your environment plays a significant role in your reaction time. Make sure to play in a comfortable and silent surrounding. Also include the position of your device, the responsiveness of your touchscreen, and the comfort of your seating, if you are not comfortable this might cause responsive issues and distraction while playing.

Minor adjustments, such as the angle at which you hold your phone or the sensitivity of your screen’s touch controls, and using a higher refresh rate phone can make a surprising difference. Remember, the more calmly you play, the faster you can execute your moves avoiding any mental burdens and thoughts.

5 Proven Methods to Improve Your Reaction Time in Clash Royale
Image by Supercell


Improving your reaction time in Clash Royale is not just about speed but about efficiency and strategy. By regular practice, learning to anticipate, managing your resources wisely, and analyzing gameplay, you can become a faster and effective player.

These tips provide a solid blueprint to enhance your performance. 

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your improvement will take time. Be patient, keep practicing.


  1. How important is the reaction time in Clash Royale, really?

Reaction time is vital in Clash Royale – it’s your ability to promptly and efficiently respond to your opponent’s plays that can turn a match in your favor. In an environment where speed and precision are key, a quick reaction time separates the casual players from the elite.

2. Can my device’s hardware affect my reaction time in Clash Royale?

Yes, your device’s hardware – specifically the touchscreen responsiveness and processing speed – can influence your reaction time. High latencies or unresponsive screens may add milliseconds to your actions, which can be critical in a fast-paced game like Clash Royale. Consider this when selecting a device for competitive gaming.

3. Are there in-game settings that can help me improve my reaction time?

There are a few in-game settings you can tweak to potentially enhance your reaction time. Adjusting the card placement sensitivity, enabling the quick deploy mode for faster deployments, and using a smaller screen area to reduce travel distance for your fingers are some settings to consider. 

4. How long does it take to improve reaction time in Clash Royale?

The speed at which an individual’s reaction time improves can vary greatly depending on factors such as dedication, practice, and overall gaming skills. For some, it may take a few weeks of consistent training to see noticeable improvements, while for others, it may take longer.

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