Why GTA San Andreas Plane crashes Randomly? Explained

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I think every one of us once played GTA San Andreas in their lifespan even for 5 minutes. It is a well-known and popular game among players but wonder why some aircraft crash into tall buildings out of nowhere. In this article, we will cover why GTA San Andreas plane crashes randomly.

Why GTA San Andreas Plane Crashes Randomly?

Most of our childhood time was spent playing GTA games but you ever wonder why plane randomly crashes around the map?

These aircraft were also been reported in GT5 as well, But it’s not a mystery anymore as one of the game developers revealed why this thing happened in GTA games.

Former Rockstar North Technical Director Obbe Vermeij has explained why it happens.

Former Game Developer Revealed Why These Plane Crashes Happen:

In his latest post on X, Obbe Vermeij explains the random plane crashes in GTA San Andreas.

According to him, the plane was likely to spawn near the players to perform fly-bys. Before the plane spawns the code checks for any obstacles in the plane’s path scanning a few lines in the front of the aircraft. Since these scans were slow Vermeij chose to keep it to a bare minimum which likely included the body and wing tips.

This thing resulted in thin objects ended up not getting detected by these scans, This was the main reason behind the collisions.

Sometimes, the plane would lose altitude after spawning because of their speed drop and not having enough speed to generate lift.

A further issue arose when map models were not yet streamed in as the plane would already be spawned before their collision was loaded.

All these issues contributed to the random plane crashes in GTA San Andreas which developers were aware of. Gladly developers didn’t remove the flyby system from the game.

So, the user can experience these hilarious suicidal aircraft in the game sometimes these crashes happen at the most unexpected moments which is essential for surprising and keeping a fun element in the game.

GTA San Andreas Plane crashes Randomly
Image by Rockstar Games

This post started a conversation between game players a few X users asked about what caused some of these spawned aircraft to drop vertically instead of in a hilarious way we are aware of.

Vermeij explained this was a bug that led to the plane falling vertically.

This happens only a few times when a bug is kept in the game by developers to make the game entertaining rather than being annoyed by the bug.

Surprisingly, there is a similar thing GTA5 players have found where suicidal planes eventually crash after spawning near the players.

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