FrostPunk 2 Beta is Ready, Kicks off Today

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11 Bit Studios released in video on their YouTube channel teasing a new gameplay of Frost Punk 2 and announcing Frost Punk 2 beta which is a limited-access beta version and is now available to download.

The beta version is available to the players who have preordered the Deluxe edition of the game the duration of this beta testing is from April 15th to April 22 at 1:00 PM ET.

In this post, we will explore everything we know about ‘Frostpunk 2‘, from its storyline, to gameplay mechanics. 

How to Download FrostPunk 2 Beta?

Players can download the Frost Punk 2 beta version by pre-ordering the Deluxe version of the game which is available on Steam.

If you preorder the deluxe version of the game it provides you some extra features including access to the beta, three post-launch DLCs, three days early release, a digital artbook and soundtrack, an exclusive in-game item, and a digital version of the “Warm Flesh” novella.

In the recent gameplay deep drive video on the 11-bit YouTube channel, co-directors of Frostpunk 2 Jacob Stokalski and Lucas Juszczyk turn off the curtain from the gameplay of Frost Punk 2.

To hype up the gameplay reveal co-director Stokalski said,

“By the end of the first game, you survived the end of the world, The question then becomes, ‘What now?’.”

Unlike the first game where you can only build a single building at a time, in FrostPunk 2 players can build out entire districts which is one of the key features of this edition.

One of the other new features includes the creation of a council where different communities within the city can put up their issues and vote on the laws of the land. Which can lead to various conflicts in your city

You can check out the Deluxe version of the game from here:↓

As we told earlier in Frostpank you can build entire city districts and various communities within the city can vote according to the land laws.

That means the game is heavily dependent on decision-making and choices you make for the city as various community brings different opinions and choices according to their benefit. If you favor one over another it may trigger communal Conflicts.

Because the unity the city required for the apocalypse is gone now there is only thing that matters is self and communal development. Communities will try to manipulate the way you lead the city.

FrostPunk 2 Beta is Ready, Kicks off Today
Image By 11 Bit Studios


1. Can I import my city from the original ‘Frostpunk’ into the sequel?

Unfortunately, that feature won’t be available in the initial release. The nature of the changes and expansions to the core gameplay in ‘Frostpunk 2’ means that starting fresh is the best way to experience the game.

2. What kind of replay value can I expect from ‘Frostpunk 2’?

The replay value has been a focus for the development team. They’ve designed the game with multiple story arcs, a variety of event outcomes, and customizable scenarios, ensuring that each playthrough offers unique challenges and narratives.

3. Will ‘Frostpunk 2’ feature multiplayer or coop modes?

No, ‘Frostpunk’ has always been a single-player experience centered around storytelling and deep decision-making. The developers have said that they have no plans to add multiplayer modes to the series.

4. How much more difficult will the game be compared to the first ‘Frostpunk’?

The difficulty will scale with the additional mechanics, but the developers have been keen on ensuring that there are options for both hardcore players looking for a challenge and those who prefer a more relaxed pace.

5. When can we expect the full release of ‘Frostpunk 2’?

The beta release is the first step towards the game’s launch, which is projected to be sometime next year. An official release date has not been announced.

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