Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition available on PC for Less Than $6

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Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition for less than $6 is a discovery as precious as gold. For fans of the Fallout series and PC gamers, this is an opportunity to not only enjoy one of the most acclaimed titles in the game series but also to engulf yourself in an adventure that offers a couple of hundreds of hours of gameplay. Here’s why this deal is akin to striking virtual gold.

How to get Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition?

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition is not just another addition to the series, but a better choice for the post-apocalyptic genre in video gaming. With an engrossing narrative that features complexity in storytelling put together with an expansive and open-world game design, New Vegas is a giant among its fellow games. This edition includes all four add-on games in a pack for user convenience.

Review and Rating

Critics and players have shared the same views on Fallout New Vegas since its release. The game Scored a Good Metacritic score of 84/100, with the game’s complex world-building, strong storyline, and sturdy character development have been well-received. The Ultimate Edition is like a cherry on the cake for the existing game content that further enhances the player’s experience, making it a must-have for fans and newcomers to the series as well.

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition available on PC for Less Than $6
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How to Grab the Deal? 

You can grab a deal with Fanatical, where you can get 7 Steam Deck-compatible Fallout Games just for $24.99. The Fallout Bundle Includes Fallout Classic Collection (Fallout, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 2), Fallout 3, Fallout 76, Fallout 4, and Fallout New Vegas. 

Where alone Fallout 76 costs around $39 on normal days. So, it’s a must-have deal if you are a Fallout fan.

The combined value of this bundle is around $140. Use the promo code “OMEN10″ when purchasing to get further discounts. When the promo code is applied you can get it for $22.49. 

If you don’t wanna spend to buy games you can still have it by other means also including Amazon Prime membership.

Fallout 76 is Currently Free for Amazon Prime Members

The Fallout TV series is now available on Amazon Prime Video along with that Amazon gaming brings Fallout 76 for free in their Prime membership just like Netflix did last year with the classic GTA Games.

To claim this free all you need is just a prime membership then go to the above given link to claim this deal.

Fallout 76 is free to download for PC and Xbox which means you can get the game and all its free add-ons at no charge at all.

If you are checking out for even crazier deals you can look for Daily Deals round-up where you can find the latest and greatest discount available across a variety of Retailers

Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition available on PC for Less Than $6
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  • Q1: What makes the Ultimate Edition different?
  • A1: It includes all DLC packs and additional content, significantly expanding the base game.
  • Q2: Is it still worth playing after all these years?
  • A2: Absolutely. The rich story, character development, and mod support ensure it remains as engaging as ever.
  • Q3: Can my PC handle it?
  • A3: New Vegas is modest when it comes to system requirements, meaning most PCs can run it without issue.
  • Q4: How big is the game?
  • A4: The complete edition is quite hefty, taking up around 20GB of storage.
  • Q5: How long will it take to complete?
  • A5: Including the DLCs, expect a first playthrough to take upwards of 100 hours for thorough exploration and completion.

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