“Adventure mode” is live on Dwarf Fortress Beta after 21 years

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21 years after the release, “Adventure Mode” was added to Dwarf Fortress which has been in the development stage since 2003.

Finally, players can go on an adventure “outside the fortress” with the Steam version of Dwarf Fortress. In this article, we’ll cover all info about the Adventure mode in Dwarf Fortress beta.

“Adventure mode” is live on Dwarf Fortress Beta

The game developer Bay 12 Game has finally released the highly acclaimed city-building game Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode which has been in development for 21 years. Co-publisher KitFox Games released a teaser video on their YouTube Channel claiming they will add adventure mode to the beta version of the game.

About the Adventure Mode:

Adventure mode is live on Dwarf Fortress Beta
Image Kitfox Games

”Adventure Mode” is a new mode that allows players to go ”outside the fortress” in the fortress world they created in ”Fortress Mode,” or in a completely new world. This mode was already included in the freeware version, which preceded the Steam version, and was widely anticipated in the Steam edition, but it has finally been incorporated in the beta version. Users who own the same work can play “Adventure Mode” by right-clicking it in their Steam library, then choosing “Properties” → “Beta” and “beta – Public beta branch”.

Adventure mode is live on Dwarf Fortress Beta
Image by Kitfox Games

In “Adventure Mode,” you may pick a character from a variety of races, including goblins and vampires as well as humans, become an explorer, and explore the huge realm, including the world outside the fortress. Enjoy your life as an adventurer, sometimes diving into labyrinths and surviving difficult conflicts to get rare treasures, and sometimes bargaining with others to trade products. “Adventure Mode” features a new BGM appropriate for a new adventure, and the additional soundtrack is also available as DLC.

As of April 18, 2024, “Dwarf Fortress” has an “overwhelmingly positive” user rating and is available on PC (Steam) for $29.99.

You can check out the game from this embedded code directly to the Steam store to experience the new adventure mode which you’ve been waiting for a long.


  • What is “Adventure mode” in Dwarf Fortress Beta?

Adventure mode allows players to control a single character and explore the game world.

  • How do I access Adventure mode?

 You can play “Adventure Mode” by right-clicking it in their Steam library, then choosing “Properties” → “Beta” and “beta – Public beta branch”.

  • What can I do in Adventure mode?

In Adventure mode, you can embark on quests, interact with NPCs, and explore dungeons.

  • Can I switch between modes in Dwarf Fortress Beta?

Yes, you can switch between Adventure mode and Fortress mode in Dwarf Fortress Beta.

  • Is Dwarf Fortress Beta available for download?

Yes, you can download Dwarf Fortress Beta from the official website of Steam.

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