Diablo 4 vs Immortal, Whome should you select?

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The announcement and subsequent developments of Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal have started a debate among the franchise’s community. In this article, we will cover the strengths and weaknesses of both games to help fans, and gamers, understand both games hopefully, this will help you choose a better game for you, to forge a path forward in the world of Diablo.

Diablo 4 vs Immortal Comparison

This is a hard comparison as both games carry a similar tone and gameplay but we have selected some criteria to make a comparison between both games which are as follows:


Diablo Immortal and Diablo 4 have a similar dark, demon, and Gothic world, which is the USP of the Diablo series that we all love. But the main difference lies in their story timeline.

Diablo Immortal story is set between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 focusing on Worldstone’s destruction, On the other hand, Diablo 4 is a successor of Diablo 3 and potentially the last arc of the franchise.

Currently, Diablo 4 leans heavily on the “open-world” concept, where players can traverse distinct regions, each teeming with quests, world events, and other players. On the other hand, Diablo Immortal features travel between different hub zones, much like its PC and console counterparts, but its structure is optimized for shorter play sessions inherently given the mobile platform.

However, Diablo 4 promises a more mature, intense narrative – one that’s more akin to its darker artistic direction, which has been shown so far in gameplay. Diablo Immortal, by nature of mobile gaming, seems to be more geared towards accessibility and simplicity in its storytelling, which could appeal to a wider audience.


Diablo Immortal follows a lot of the traditional formula of being an ARPG, like the previous installments of the game. Just like in Diablo I, II, and III, the focus is on the hack-and-slash combat and character progression.

However, when it comes to Diablo 4, while it does include all of the elements that the previous games had, including some gameplay features that were added in Diablo Immortal, the focus on the game is more focused on the multiplayer and the exploration of its huge Diablo 4 map and world. Because of that, a lot of people assume that Diablo 4 is an MMORPG, even if it is not.

Diablo 4 vs Immortal, Whome should you select?
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Without any doubt, Diablo 4 wins this criterion as there is a day and night difference between both game’s graphics Because one is built to cater to mobile users while on the other hand, Diablo 4 is built for PC and console players and there is a huge noticeable difference between graphics of both games

The graphics of Diablo Immortal are good if you consider mobile capabilities but Diablo 4’s graphics completely outstands Diablo Immortal’s.


Blizzard Entertainment had launched the Games on these platforms: 

Diablo Immortal: Available on the Google play store and Apple’s App store.

Diablo 4: Available on PlayStation, XBOX, and PC.


Ratings of both games are not so good on the Internet both games face criticism on a variety of topics such as lack of In-game content sometimes graphics, pricing, and storytelling here are some overall reviews on the famous sites:


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Recently Diablo 4 made its debut on Xbox through a game pass you can also read Diablo IV Coming on Xbox Game Pass Honest Review.

Here are the ratings

Diablo 4 vs Immortal, Whome should you select?


The rates of these games vary over time but here are some prices on different platforms.


STEAM: $69

PlayStation: $35 till 11/4/2024

XBOX: $35 till 18/4/2024





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When it comes to verdict, its hard as both games cater to different sides of the gaming spectrum. Diablo 4 offers a deep, immersive experience with complex systems, challenging gameplay, and a darker, more mature story that’s aimed at the hardcore fan craving a more traditional Diablo experience.

Diablo Immortal, however, is forging its own path as a mobile Diablo game, with accessibility, social connectivity, and shorter play sessions in its sights. It has the potential to open the Diablo universe to a broader audience, including newcomers and casual gamers who might be intimidated by the depth of Diablo 4’s systems.

Ultimately, the question of whether Diablo 4 is better than Diablo Immortal is a complex one with no clear cut answer. It’s about choosing the game that best suits your preferences and playstyle. If you’re a hardcore gamer who loves to play traditional RPG, Diablo 4 is likely the game for you. If you’re a mobile gamer looking for a more casual, yet still authentic Diablo experience, give Diablo Immortal a shot.

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