Best Strategies and Uses for Angry Jelly Clash Of Clans

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Hello, Clashers many of you wondering how to utilize the new upcoming hero pet named Angry Jelly which has a unique ability named “Brainwash” that tends your heroes to attack defensive buildings first rather than their default building targeting.

What will be the Best Strategies and Uses for Angry Jelly?

Best Strategies and Uses for Angry Jelly Clash Of Clans

As the name suggests the angry Jelly is a creature that looks like a jellyfish that floats in the air and will be invisible to defenses until his ability duration ends.

The ability duration can be increased when you upgrade the pet to higher levels, You will get an extra five seconds of ability duration when you upgrade it to level 5 and an extra 5 seconds a total of 35 seconds at a maximum of level 10.

We also explained the upcoming Update in the New Update Clash Of Clans article. Including some Pokemon go which you might also like.

At Level 10 angry Jelly becomes a lethal ally for your hero as well as foe at a time. Because of its ability your heroes will only target defences which means they will ignore trash buildings around the base which is quite a good and bad thing at the same time.

When 35 seconds of its ability are utilised completely it detaches from heroes and acts as an air hero pet now it can trigger traps and your hero will target any building on the base.

Because you don’t have much time to think and react as your heroes will go towards the defences and will be targeted by multiple defences at once this will end in risking your hero at the start of the attack.

Also, Angry Jelly Ignore troops and skeleton traps just like Giants and Hog Riders do in an attack make your heroes vulnerable as they won’t attack enemy tropes and skeletons. Exceptionally they can target enemy heroes just like the Royal Champion does when she’s attacked by the enemy hero.

But if used wisely it can help easily demolish any base in Clash of Clans.

Attack Uses and Suitable Strategies for Angry Jelly: 

Queen Walks:

Best Strategies and Uses for Angry Jelly Clash Of Clans

Queen Walks Comes to mind when it is about defense targeting in the attack. However this time it is a little tricky because Queen Walk is used mainly to create pathing for the main army as well as making funnel and takedown main defenses on the base.

If you are a experienced player then you know that keeping the queen alive during the walk is a hard job to do, But if you use angry jelly your queen will be attracted toward defenses directly so you need to invest more spells to keep her alive during the walk.

But if you use angry jelly on Queen in smash attacks along with your main army from the opposite side of Clan Castle then it is a great combination to use on Queen.

Warden Walk:

Best Strategies and Uses for Angry Jelly Clash Of Clans

Using Angry Jelly on Grand Warden can be a most useful case scenario as the warden can target defenses from a distance and you don’t need to wait much to clear the desired building during the Warden Walks in smash attacks. Before you make up your mind to use it with the Warden let me tell you about another aspect of this.

Until the duration of Angry Jelly’s ability is over your warden will ignore the troops and will fight on its own. That means if you drop your main army before the ability goes off your warden will ignore it and go in another direction which you might not be wanting in your attack.

You just need to wait till the ability goes off and then deploy your main army to let the warden follow them that’s all.

King Walk:

king walk

You can use angry jelly on King by doing this your king will ignore the trash buildings and you can direct him to any compartment with heavy value with a combination of Giant Gauntlet and Rage Vial.

Which is quite a similar way of using Phoenix on King. But with this, your king will ignore skeleton traps or any other trash buildings like storage in that compartment which might be a little more effective than that of Phoenix.

Best Armies to use Angry Jelly with every Hero:


  1. QC Lavaloon
  2. Root Rider Spam (opposite side of CC)
  3. Hybrid


  1. Smash attacks


  1. Smash Armies
  2. Any Lava Loon Attack
  3. Hero Sui attacks

Bonus Tip: Try to get extra wizards or minions for clean-up to avoid time Fail.

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