10 Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

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This month 9 games will become available for download for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Xbox’s subscription service continues to bring a wide selection of games, from thrilling action to RPGs and everything in between. In this article, we will share info regarding all these games.

What are the 9 Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April?

  1. Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

Superhot – Mind Control Delete replaces the chronological tale with a cryptic choose-your-own adventure. You play as someone obsessed with “more” in the brutal Superhot system. Each level unlocks shards that hint at additional characters, such as a spiteful student and an apprehensive mess. The game gradually strips you of powers, making you rethink your reliance on Superhot’s management.

2. Lego 2k Drive

Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

In Lego 2K Drive, you begin as a rookie racer mentored by the legendary Clutch. Race across Bricklandia’s diverse biomes, from lush fields to splashing waterways, in transforming vehicles you build or choose. You’ll battle charismatic rivals and overcome challenges to earn the prestigious Sky Trophy, all while building your reputation as the next champion.

3. Lil Gator Gamer

Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

Lil Gator Gamer follows La Gator, a young gator with a passion for retro gaming. Their swamp home is threatened by eviction, so La Gator takes up odd jobs and competes in gaming tournaments to raise the cash. Along the way, they make quirky friends, face off against a grumpy landlord, and discover the true meaning of community through the power of games.

4. Final Fantasy XIV Starter pack

Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

Final Fantasy XIV takes place in Eorzea, a land recovering from a devastating calamity. As the Warrior of Light, you join the Scions of the Seventh Dawn to combat primal threats and the aggressive Garlean Empire. You’ll traverse vibrant regions, forge bonds with allies, and unravel the mysteries of your power to protect Eorzea’s future.

5. EA Sports PGA

Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

EA Sports PGA Tour doesn’t have a traditional storyline. You create your golfer and rise through the ranks, competing in real-world tournaments against pros or your friends. Master iconic courses, hone your swing, and climb the leaderboard to etch your name among golfing legends.

6. Herold Halibut

Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

Herold Halibut casts you as Herold, a charismatic fish salesperson by day and a secret superhero by night. Herold’s peaceful life balancing work and heroism gets disrupted by a villain called Captain Crustworthy who threatens the entire ocean. Herold must use his charm, wit, and fishy superpowers to defeat Trustworthy and restore peace to the undersea world.


Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

In Kona, seasoned detective Carl Fairburne investigates a hit-and-run in a remote, snowy Canadian town. As Carl delves deeper, he uncovers a web of secrets hidden beneath the town’s picturesque facade. Facing a hostile community and a harsh environment, Carl must fight for his own survival while piecing together a conspiracy that threatens to shatter the town’s fragile peace.

8. Botany Manor

Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

Botany Manor is shrouded in mystery. You inherit a decaying mansion overflowing with exotic flora. Strange occurrences plague the manor, and unsettling whispers hint at a dark past. Unravel cryptic clues hidden within the overgrown gardens and the dusty library. Can you unearth the secrets of Botany Manor and restore it to its former glory, or will you succumb to its sinister hold?

9. Shadow of Tomb Raider

Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

Three years after unleashing a potential apocalypse, Lara Croft races against Trinity, a paramilitary group, to reach the hidden city of Paititi. Armed with a mythical dagger, Lara navigates treacherous jungles and Mayan tombs. Torn between stopping the apocalypse she triggered and protecting Paititi’s secrets, Lara confronts her dark past and transforms into the Tomb Raider legend.

10. Battlefield 42

Free Games available On Xbox Game Pass in April

n Battlefield 42, a global conflict erupts between three fictional superpowers: the United States (Coalition), China (People’s Liberation Army), and a newly formed European force (European Union). Players fight across diverse battlefields, from scorching deserts to frozen wastelands, capturing objectives and securing dominance for their chosen faction. The campaign focuses on individual soldiers experiencing the brutality of war, with no overarching narrative.


  • What is Xbox Game Pass?

  • Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that grants access to a library of games for a monthly fee. Subscribers can download and play games from the extensive catalog, including new releases and popular titles.

  • How do I access Xbox Game Pass?

  • To access Xbox Game Pass, you can subscribe directly through your Xbox console or via the Xbox website. After subscribing, you can download and play games included in the Game Pass library.

  • Which free games are available on Xbox Game Pass in April?

  • Some of the free games available on Xbox Game Pass in April include titles like superhot, kona, lego 2k drive and many more. Each month, new games are added to the Game Pass library.

  • Can I play these free games offline?

  • Yes, you can play Game Pass games offline. After downloading a game, you can play it without an internet connection. However, periodic online checks are required to verify your Game Pass subscription.

  • Are these free games available on Xbox Game Pass for a limited time?

  • Yes, the availability of games on Xbox Game Pass can vary. Some games are permanent additions to the library, while others may rotate in and out over time. Check the Xbox Game Pass catalog regularly for updates on available titles.

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