5 Strongest Non-Saiyan Transformations in Dragon Ball 

the great ape

The Great Ape transformation was first shown in original dragon ball series, where Goku transformed into an Giant Ape when he came outside on Full Monn Night.

perfect cell

Perfect Cell was an transformation of a well-designed Android from future timeline. He absorbed millions of humans to reach its 2nd form, then later he absorbed Android 17 and 18 to unlock this transformation  

golden frieza

This is the 2nd Form of Frieza which he achieved with just 4mionths of training after he resurrected by his Sorbet commander using Dragon Balls with the help of King Pilaf.

goldslayer Hearts

This form is unlocked when Hearts get fused with Universe Seed in Super DragonBall Heroes Promotional Anime

orange piccolo

Piccolo unlocked this form with the help of Shenron's Boon. He summoned Shenron and asked to increase his power in the latest Dragonball Super Heroes Movie.

angel moro

This form unlocked when  Moro absorbed the Android 73, who had ability to copy anyone's Technique and before Android 73 got killed he touched and absorbed Meerus's (Angel) powers

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