One of the best apple arcade games

PinBall Wizard

Pinball Wizard is fairly simple. Each dungeon floor is a very standard table, but it's full of monsters that you may fight by bouncing the adorable wizard into it.

Overland 2

As you journey through the wasteland's little grids, you must make difficult decisions such as how to secretly search for limited gas, when to heal your dog, and whether to simply bail.

Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail on Apple Arcade modernizes a traditional instructional game for today's youngsters. Too few children understand how to avoid dying from dysentery.

Neo Cab

Neo Cab depicts a slightly futuristic world in which you are the final human driver battling against automated ridesharing services while searching for a missing companion. It's incredibly captivating.


Mutazione is a story-driven, melancholy journey through an exotic distorted natural landscape. The game Night in the Woods was a relaxed version of the film Annihilation.


Fantasian is the most recent project from Hironobu Sakaguchi's Mistwalker company. The turn-based action may be reminiscent of the past, but the stunning, gleaming visuals feel right out of the future.

Earth Night

EarthNight is simply an automatic runner, a popular mobile gaming genre, with occasional portions where you fall from the sky.

Crossy Road Castle

Crossy Road Castle does something unique.  You control a chicken who moves through platforming stages in an infinite tower. The challenge in Crossy Road Castle remains enjoyable.

Cat Quest 2

The original Cat Quest advertised itself as "Skyrim With Cats" and somehow kept that promise. Cat Quest II is more of the same: a simple yet unexpectedly deep and addicting action-RPG starring cats.

Air Twister

Yu Suzuki is a game design legend for his work on iconic Sega games like Out Run, Shenmue, and Virtua Fighter.

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